Divine Appointments

To God there is no such thing as coincidence.Think about those moments in your life that you thought were coincidences. Chances are you can look back and see God at work and what you thought was a coincidence was really a divine appointment God scheduled for you. Keep yourself available for Divine appointments because God […]

One Day At A Time

He is faithful who promised! Almost four years ago I got the worst news I have ever heard. I was told that our son, who was 18 yrs. old at the time, had been charged with 1st. degree murder. The news was devastating to say the least! My husband and I did not believe it, […]

Intercessory Prayer: Spiritual Birthing Center

Time is running out; God has given you an assignment to fulfill while you are on this earth. Your mission must become more relational, more relevant, and more practical. Consider this; people are dying by the millions every day without knowing God. That is millions of souls going to hell. Tragically, these lost souls could […]

The Past Cannot Be Changed – Move Forward

What you accomplished or did not accomplish in the past is forever recorded in the history of your life. You have the future ahead of you and God has given you another opportunity to fill in the blank pages of the book of the rest of your life. I encourage you to revive the dreams […]