Bring forth His Word, bring forth His Word for the time drawth nye. For faith cometh by hearing and receiving His decrees. Oh please won’t you take my hand, let’s honor the Son of man, in all that we do. Be through with the flesh and all that it entails. Trails of darkness led us =into serendipitous bliss; we are now added to the list, of the Lambs book of Life. His words like a knife pierced our unclean hearts, giving us a fresh start to truly begin to live. Oh forgive us Heavenly Father for all of our iniquities and religious ambiguity, please make us whole and clean. By all means save us from the pits of our own demise. The sound of ten thousand cries, as we opened our eyes and accepted your gift of eternal life. As midwives we pledge to never jump ahead or lag behind Your plans. We take a stand, to quiet our souls and just be still, as we freely embrace and accept Your will.

Andrea Smith