Avis Potter

avisporterMy name is Avis Potter and I met Bettie Davis in 2002 in Houston Texas through our husband’s who were coworkers. When I first met her there was an instant connection, like we had known each other for years. Overtime she took me under her wing and we would have lunch, talks in her home and on the phone and she bestowed so much wisdom in me, more than she may even know. I had always thought I was  radical for Christ, but after connecting with Bettie that radical zeal turned into a passion to know our Father in a deeper way. She was so in love with God and every time she talked about her life, her trials, her family whatever the topic Christ was always the center. I had not seen anyone talk about Christianity, time of prayer and their relationship with God so intimately before. I say seen and not hear because after every talk I could see a different reflection of Christ and I wanted “THAT”. Our times of fellowship together put me on a journey to seek God like never before. I left Houston in 2006 and we kept in touch for about another 2 years and as life happened we lost contact and I couldn’t find her, it was like she had disappeared. I almost felt like I had l had entertained an angel unaware or something. Over the years I thought about her, missed her and held her and our time together in a precious space in my heart. I’ve not always let people into my life just because I was a guarded person. Growing up in the inner city will do that to you. So those that I build relationships with have a special place in my heart. Well in 2014 I was driving and the phone rang and the number I didn’t recognize so I didn’t answer. When I listened to the voicemail I almost passed out. It was that precious voice I remembered and kept so near. The things she encouraged me to do or the guidance she gave me during years range so loud in my spirit as I had to walk out my spiritual journey years later. It was her I just had to scream and thank God. Since then we have reconnected and I accept that the years apart was a time that God used to put to test the things she taught me and the guidance she gave. So when she began to tell me about her vision and ministry of the Master’s Midwives it was no surprise because she was my midwife way before the manifestation of her ministry. Over the years I have grown in Christ tremendously and as I reminisce now I can truly relate to those passionate conversations about our Loving Heavenly Father that I was introduced to by my Master’s midwife Bettie Davis. Love you more than you will ever know.



Jean Duke

jeandukeHe is faithful who promised! Almost four years ago I got the worst news I have ever heard. I was told that our son, who was 18 yrs. old at the time, had been charged with 1st. degree murder. The news was devastating to say the lest! My husband and I did not believe it, nor did our family, friends, neighbors and many others who were acquainted with our son. He was and is a good son. He did not give us trouble growing up. He was raised in church and he had given his life to Christ at an early age, a hard worker, and respectful to others. This tragic news had to be a mistake! To my astonishment, on every “Breaking News” TV station was our son’s mug shot and it was broadcast that he had confessed to shooting another youth. For me to describe the experience was like being in a horrible nightmare and when I would wake up, I was still in it. The body of Christ truly demonstrated the love of God to us and our son during this time in our lives. The Lord was faithful to give us strength each day. Now, I understand, “One day at a time, sweet Jesus” like I have never understood it before.

One day I was driving along and the Lord spoke to me and said, “Hold on to the promises of God”. The first scripture that came to mind was Proverbs 11:21b “the seed of the righteous will be delivered”. Also, the Lord gave me and two of our daughters and three grandchildren dreams of our son coming home. The Lord blessed our son to have the best defense attorney in our state to represent our son when we didn’t have the money for him to even consider taking our son’s case. The Lord is faithful who promised!

Soon after our son was arrested, our youth pastor prayed with him, and he gave his life back to Christ. While he was in the county jail awaiting trial, our son ministered to other inmates in his pod. Also conducted Bible Studies and held prayer circles. We have received many letters from inmates telling my husband and me how our son influenced them for Christ and gave them hope. Many of the inmates gave their lives to Christ as a result. Also some of the officers have told my husband and me good things they have observed about our son. In November of 2012 our son was sentenced to life w/o parole and is now in a state prison. I am still holding on to the promises of God, and will continue to hold on to His Word for our son. I believe our son will walk out of prison not only free in Christ Jesus but also physically free in God’s perfect timing. What the Devil meant for evil God has turned it and is continuing to turn it around for good! The Lord has given us and our son peace, strength, mercy, grace and favor through this tragic time in our lives. He is faithful who promised and he will do it!

I am sure this young man nor was his family expecting something like this to happen. But God knew because He is an all knowing God. Not only did God know what was going to happen before hand, He knew the parents, church and everyone involved was going to need supernatural strength to get through such a horrific event.




shawnMy picture shows the glory of God on my life, so let me tell you the story of God for my life. I grew up in a single parent home at the age of 2. My mom and dad divorce after 30 years of marriage. My dad was never in my life so I never knew the love of a father. I’m a woman by the grace and mercy of God. I survived two abusive marriages. Many years ago I’ve live in and out of battered women hideaway shelters and was even homeless with my two children for a little while living from hotel to hotel because I was to a shame to return back to my mother’s home. I thank God for a praying mother who prayed me through it all. You see, my mother was also a victim. Generational curses are real. God has been my refuge and rescue (Act 2:21). I called on the name of the lord and He heard my cry. Through the pain of it all, God has given me a compassionate heart and ministry for abused women who do not know their identity, who have no self-esteem or know their value and self-worth. Women who do not know that they are the apple of God’s eye, beautifully and wonderfully made according to Psalm 139:14. It took many years of walking through my healing process with the Lord. He has shown Himself strong and mighty in my life Psalm 147:3. God is close to the brokenhearted and binds (heal) up their wounds. As a single mother of two, God was and still is my sole provider Philippians 4:19. He shall supply all of my needs according to his riches and glory in Christ Jesus. That’s part of my story. The Lord has been so faithful to me. I now serve as one of the leaders in the biggest church in the United States, Lakewood. My son is also one of the youth Pastors at Lakewood and I have a daughter who’s in the medical field. So I am a testimony that there’s nothing to hard for our God to do. He is my Savior, my healer and my deliverer. When it was the darkest in my life, His light shined in my life. No weapon formed against my life has prospered. Nothing can stop the hand of God for your life; no demon in hell can stop all mighty God’s for your life according to Jeremiah 29:11. Oh how I love Jesus, His name is the sweetest name I Know.