Our Mission

To help individual give birth to their God insipired dreams and visions through sowing the seed of the word of God.   
To encourage people to be born again while proclaiming Christ as lord, not ourselves according to Corinthians 4:5. 
To encourage women to connect and build lifelong relationships with other like minded-women.

Our Vision

The Master’s Midwives are commissioned to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a heart of faith and love by offering ourselves as servants of Jesus Christ, sharing God’s love and truth in ways that are relevant, authentic and true to the Spirit of the Kingdom of God.

God is not unfaithful to forget the dreams, skills, talents and abilities He has placed inside of any of His children, nor the price His Son has paid for their redemption. God will not allow the suffering of Jesus [to be any case an ineffectual, dead thing]. Millions of God given dreams lay dormant and un-manifested in the lives of is people globally. The Master’s Midwives have been commissioned to go forth to unbelieving hearts with the quickening Word of God causing dead dreams, visions and souls to be resurrected.

We look forward to continue in the assignment God has called us to for the rest of our lives.

We believe

Connect with The Master's Midwives

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