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Bettie Davis is the Founder and CEO of the Master’s Midwives Ministry, Inc., and Co-Founder of Love To Life Ministries in Houston Texas, a Christian ministry dedicated to equipping and training the body of Christ through discipleship training, intercessory prayer, ministry of deliverance and prophetic impartation.

Bettie is the author of “God’s Birthing Room: Purpose Birthed Through Pain”. She is developing a 10-week course designed to teach individuals how to give birth to their God-given dreams and visions, offering keys for the discovery of one’s prophetic purpose, freedom from inherited and self-imposed limitations.

Bettie received her Associate in General Studies from Central Texas College, Bachelor of Science with a Major in Health Sciences from Trinity University, and Master of Science in Nursing with a Major in Education Leadership and Rural Health from Texas Tech University of Health Science Center, Lubbock, Texas.

Bettie’s professional and ministerial experiences also include serving 14 years as an Army Officer. She functioned in the role of Combat Medical Surgical Nurse with a skill identifier of Critical Care. She graduated from the highest army military war leadership school “Command and General Staff College” Trinity University, San Antonio, Texas. She also successfully completed the top Army’s Leader Education and Development Programs: AMEDD Officer Basic, Advanced Officer, Head Nurse Leadership, Supervisor, Manger, Combined Arms Diploma Courses from Fort Sam Houston, Texas. Bettie was a Major when received an honorable discharge.

Bettie is a recipient of The Presidential Lifetime Achievement Award and metal for her lifetime commitment for building a stronger nation through voluntary service from President Joseph Biden. Bettie also is a recipient of the Triumphant Award from Next Level Beautiful honoring her for having a passion to persevere through adversities and win with a victory. Bettie is the recipient of an Honorary PhD from Truth Bible University, Jacksonville, Florida. Bettie is a 2023 Woman of Valor, Global Revivalist appointed by Holy Spirit under the leadership of Dr. Allison Wiley.

Bettie was called into ministry while attending Burge School of Nursing and serving at Deliverance Temple Ministries, in Springfield, Missouri, under the Pastoral leadership of Bishop David Knox Jr. She was licensed in 1985 and ordained as a Pastor in 2004. She was an Overseer of the Nursing Home Ministry under the Pastoral leadership of Pastor Rachael Proctor in 1995, Assistant Sunday School Superintendent, Sunday School Teacher and Adult midweek Bible studies instructor.

Pastor Bettie served as a member of the Church’s Board of Directors at New Beginnings Revival Center in Waynesville Missouri under the Pastoral leadership of Apostle Dan Biggs in 1998. She and her husband being directed there by God.

Pastor Bettie was appointed as a Team Leader of volunteer prayer partners in the Service Team Ministries at Lakewood Church under the Pastoral leadership of Pastor Joel Osteen, Houston, Texas in 2001.While there she successfully completed training as a Stephen Minster, supplementing pastoral care, providing one-on-one care for individuals who struggled with depression, addiction, loss, divorce, and other needs as identified. She is a graduate of In Search of Purpose…En Route to Destiny discipleship program of Polished Arrows International, and a Certified Adult Mental Health First Aide USA.

Pastor Bettie has served as Worship Leader, Sunday School Superintendent, Adult Bible Study Teacher, and Overseer of New Training for Service for the ministerial staff and Sunday school teachers, served as a prison team member at the United States Medical Center for Federal Prisoners in Springfield, Missouri for fifteen years, facilitated Over Comer’s groups for women from various backgrounds struggling with alcoholism, drug abuse and incarceration.

In 2005, Pastor Bettie and her husband, Pastor Glenn began to hear a clear call from God to start Love To Life Ministries. Pastor Bettie is a spiritual midwife, intercessor, mentor, and counselor. She is dedicated to sharing the love and truth of Jesus Christ in ways that are relevant, authentic, and true to the spirit of the Gospel of Jesus Christ. She has a passion for serving God’s people, encouraging them to give birth to what God has impregnated them with. Pastor Davis desires to see all walk in their destiny and fulfill their God ordained purpose.

While under Pastor Glenn Davis’s leadership Pastor Bettie completed Prophetic Activation and Training in 2016 with Apostle John Eckhardt.

Pastor Bettie and her loving supportive husband, Pastor Glenn Davis are the proud parents of five children and 10 grandchildren. She is affectionately addressed by her husband, family, friends and associates as “Lady Bettie”!

Pastor Glenn Davis Bio

Glenn Davis is the Founder and Senior Pastor of Love To Life Ministries in Houston Texas.

At the tender age of 12, Pastor Glenn accepted Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior. While serving faithfully in the ministry for over 21 years, he is yet dedicated to bringing the Good News of Jesus Christ to people all over the world.

Pastor Davis was called into the ministry December 23, 1992 while serving at Greater Community Baptist Church, St Roberts Missouri, under the Pastoral leadership of Pastor Dr. William Boone. It was there that Pastor Davis was baptized in the Holy Spirit. He was the overseer of the men and usher ministry. Pastor Davis spoke his 1st sermon in 1993 on Easter Sunday.

Pastor Davis served in the United States Army for 26 years. While serving in the Armed Forces he served in various churches in the continental United States and other overseas areas. He taught adult bible study and Sunday school as well as served in the men’s ministry.

In 1995, the Lord directed Pastor Davis to New Life Holiness Church, Dixon Missouri, under the Pastoral leadership of Pastor Rachael Proctor where he became a licensed minister.

Pastor Davis preached and taught the Word of God as well as headed the Nursing Home Ministry. During this time, God set Pastor Davis into the office of a Prophet and Teacher. In 1998, the Lord directed Pastor Davis to New Beginnings Revival Center in Waynesville Missouri under the Pastoral leadership of Apostle Dan Biggs. Pastor Davis held the position of Assistant Sunday school Superintendent and taught Sunday school and adult midweek Bible studies.

It was there that the signature Men’s conference called “Iron Sharpeneth Iron” was birthed through Pastor Davis. In 2001, while still serving in the United States Armed Forces, Pastor Davis and his lovely wife Bettie were directed by the Lord to relocate to Houston Texas. They became members of Lakewood Church under the Pastoral leadership of Pastor Joel Osteen.

He was appointed as a Team & Region Leader where he provided leadership, and oversight of volunteer prayer partners, while teaching mid-week classes in the Pastoral Care Ministry department.

Pastor Davis and First Lady Bettie were ordained in 2004 by Bishop David Knox Jr. Founder & Senior Pastor of Deliverance Temple Ministries in Springfield Missouri.

In 2005, after retiring from over 26 years of faithful, honorable military service in the United States Army, Pastor Davis began to hear a clear call from God to start Love To Life Ministries.

Pastor Davis is a member of Bill Winston Ministries, Faith Ministries Alliance. Pastor Davis has a degree in Applied Science from Central Texas College and is currently pursuing a degree in Biblical and Theology Studies at Regent University. Pastor Glenn & First Lady Bettie are the proud parents of five children and 10 grandchildren.



The Master’s Midwives are commissioned to share the Gospel of Jesus Christ from a heart of faith and love by offering ourselves as servants of Jesus Christ, sharing God’s love and truth in ways that are relevant, authentic and true to the Spirit of the Kingdom of God.

God is not unfaithful to forget the dreams, skills, talents and abilities He has placed inside of any of His children, nor the price His Son has paid for their redemption. God will not allow the suffering of Jesus [to be any case an ineffectual, dead thing]. Millions of God given dreams lay dormant and un-manifested in the lives of is people globally. The Master’s Midwives have been commissioned to go forth to unbelieving hearts with the quickening Word of God causing dead dreams, visions and souls to be resurrected.

We look forward to continue in the assignment God has called us to for the rest of our lives.


God's Birthing Room: Purpose Birthed Through Pain

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Pain is defined as “physical suffering or discomfort caused by illness or injury, mental suffering, or distress.” Purpose is the reason for which something or someone exists or is created. When you are in pain, thoughts are often skewed by overwhelming feelings of hopelessness, sadness, and despair, but the truth is that pain is temporary. Only the seed of the Word of God, sown into a dead situation, will bring forth life and unbarring. At every “transition juncture” in our lives, we experience some type of pain. God wants to use your spiritual womb to birth Himself out to your generation’s sphere of influence. Are you willing to embrace the pain required to give birth to God’s purpose for your life? Are you willing to allow God to carry you through your pain to a place of delivery–God’s birthing room–where purpose can be birthed through your pain? In “God’s Birthing Room: Purpose Birthed Through Pain,” Davis and diverse individuals from different backgrounds share personal testimonies of accounts with painful experiences such as mental illness, abuse, depression, imprisonment, and loss. Davis expounds on God’s function in the role of Savior, Healer, Deliverer, and Midwife.

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