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The Master’s Midwives is not an Obstetrics medical blog, it is based/focus on spiritual issues and solutions based on the Word of God.

This is an online Christian blog, focused on teaching, empowering and encouraging individuals to birth their God given dreams and visions by using the skills, talents and abilities God placed inside. Our desire is to birth souls into God’s kingdom by sowing the seed of the Word of God into the lives of those He has assigned to us.

This is an avenue to discuss issues that would cause you to abort, ignore, loose sight, hope or give up on the dreams and visions God placed in you in a real truthful, authentic practical sense.

I write and share on a variety of topics and try to fit them into categories but that is not always the case. You might find words of encouragement, messages, poems, sermons, recipes, pictures, stories and victorious testimonies shared by women from across the globe.


You are never too late to join any discussion. Life is forever evolving. No comment is stupid and is taken seriously. The life experiences you share with us and others will be life transforming and powerful.

I would like to encourage you to share your life experiences with others on the Master’s Midwives blog. Share what God has put on your heart. Its okay to quote what others has said, however God speaks through you too! Share your testimonies of how the Word of God has and is transforming your life! It’s in you!!!

As always I welcome your comments and trust that this blog blesses you in your walk with the Lord. This is Pastor Bettie Living the Everyday Prophetic Life and encouraging you in yours!


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